Wardrick Wells Marine Park

We recently went to Wardrick Wells Land and Sea Park.  It was a great experience and fun for all.  We visited and hiked, had a impromptu party with the other cruisers, bought more charts (Carol loves them!) and had a fun time.  We had our friends Walt and Lynn, together with Laurie and Anthony just a few boats away making the visit all the better.


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9 Responses to Wardrick Wells Marine Park

  1. Taylor Fukumitsu says:

    I love your video clip!!! Miss ya guys!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome Aunt says:

    I loved seeing the scenery and Kelly! I miss you guys!

  3. marshall Lane says:

    Hello future sailors ! Wardrick w.l.m.park looks cool , water so so blue . kelly is turning into a fish. I sure do hope and am so sure you will have a big big slide show & some movie footage to give some old land lubbers on a dvd or coffee table book 2 fathoms thick Love , marshall

  4. Hi Curtis family,

    Great video and pics, Warderick is one of my favorite places on the planet. It was really fun meeting you guys; it’s one of my favorite parts of cruising: the fabric of friends you weave while living aboard. I so envy your trip. Watching the video is both joyful and painful because we’d love to still be out there enjoying all the things that go with that lifestyle. The kids didn’t want to leave, though Gwen misses her friends. I’m certain Reece could move aboard our boat and never look back. He gets so wound up about these little adventures that he’s almost impossible to be around. Like father like son, I guess. I started planning our next trip on the way home to Colorado. I’m looking forward to the day when heading home means heading to the boat. Stay in touch and when you move back ashore, drive through Colorado and pay us a visit.
    Steve, Holly, Gwen, Reece

  5. rodantheman says:

    Hello to my favorite cousin! Were on our way back to the US and will be driving through your neck of the woods in late May, early June. Look forward to visiting with you and all the kin at that time. We promise we wont keep you guys up all night this time.

    Thanks for checking in. Your posts really stayed with me those first few months!

  6. rodantheman says:

    Hello Rebecca. I have tried to call you often. We miss you too. See you next month!

  7. leila wollman says:

    I continue to follow your adventures with joy. Hope sometime to visit you — somewhere — and to find out where you go from here. I’m feeding all of this to Sui Ching and she is enjoying it too.

  8. sharons7th says:

    Gorgeous colors! I love the little bird at the end. :0)

  9. Rebecca Holland says:

    Hello Curtis Family .. Such a fabulous adventure!! Love seeing your videos + photos. When will you be back in Sandpoint to share your stories?

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