Heritage Day in Hope Town


We spent a week in Hope Town, due mostly to the high winds.   Although we have a sailboat, you have to be realistic about your ability to get the boat off the mooring ball and out of the marina.   When the winds are high, you can get blown around before you ever get to declare yourself “in charge.” So we stayed put.  We went to the beach and did schoolwork.

On Saturday, Hope Town had its Heritage Day Festival.   This event was to raise money for their local museum. I was duly impressed with the day and the museum. The kids loved it. People had boat races where they sculled their boats, which is a figure 8 paddling process – no oars, no motor, no sail. They paddle in the back, which is more like ruddering than paddling. They had townspeople dress as Loyalists, and of course they had vendors and games for kids, including lots of great food.  We saw many of our friends from Green Turtle, Man-o-War and Marsh Harbour.

Here are some photos.  If I did this correctly, you will see an example of a shell artwork (individual) and the whole array of the design (really nice), a picture of Kelly in the museum and a picture of Shane by a pirate display.  The last photo is a turtle’s shell.  It shows how large the turtles used to be.  In the Bahamas I believe the Bahamians can still catch a small number but tourists are not supposed to catch any.  It used to be a big part of the fishing industry (at least near Hope Town) but now the population needs to be built back up.  So far we have only seen smaller turtles, but they are really cool animals.

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Here is a photo of Kelly driving the dinghy.  We are really proud of her for learning how.  The dinghy is your car, so we wanted the kids to both have the ability to drive the dinghy.

Kelly runs the dinghy in Hope Town

The other thing I did in Hope Town was attend the Methodist Church.  I went to the family service, which was led by their youth pastor, a young woman who was in her 20s.  What a great service.  The children played music and did a skit.  The sermon was one both adults and children could relate to.  I was very impressed and really enjoyed myself.  The crux of the message (of both the play and the sermon) is that we can all remember hurts or hold grudges for a long time – even a year.  But we are daily reminded of the fresh start and forgiveness God grants us.  In such a beautiful place it was a good message to hear.



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