Our friendly shark

Last night Carol was swimming behind the boat and found this little critter.  Don’t worry, they normally don’t eat humans.  Carol took this swimming just aft of our deck while this little guy was just 10 feet under the boat.   He shows up every evening to shade under our hull.

I knew Carol was fearless, but!!!!!!!


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8 Responses to Our friendly shark

  1. Ellen says:

    This shark thing would not be my idea of a fun time. Glad to hear you are all well and having the time of your lives.

  2. Neal Buck says:

    Is that a mama with a baby shark on it’s back?

  3. Laurie says:

    I miss you guys already! I’ll be checking in on the blog to see what you’re up to. Cold and rainy back in MD but I don’t mind after 2 months with no precip. Take care of Ant for me. xoxoxo Laurie needsmorecoffee@gmail.com

  4. carolcurtis says:

    It is not a baby shark, but a compatable fish and they are singing Kum-bi-a! In the Land and Sea Park the sharks seemed to have other fish swim with them. This was a very safe place to check out the fish!

  5. carolcurtis says:

    We miss you too! Sorry we were not able to hook up again before you left. We will stay in touch – promise. Carol

  6. rodantheman says:

    Hello Neal. Actually, it’s called a nurse shark. The fish was a feeder fish that tends to hang out with the nurse shark. It was about 5 feet long. Tonight there was a 4 foot Barracuda just aft of our deck. I tried to entice it with a chunk of salami, but I guess he was too smart for me!

    We hope all is well with you!

  7. rodantheman says:

    Hello Ellen. I hope things are going well with you also. I hope work has been easy, and your equipment has been behaving. See you in the summer!

  8. Taylor Fukumitsu says:

    that’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! i hope to see you guys soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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