Time for lunch!

Only two more trusses to go. But that can wait for a while. Warm, sunny, and beautiful here in Sandpoint today.

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Not much Boxtop progress

But I’ve been busy. There is much to do to prepare for winter and assembling the Boxtop hull. That includes building a storage shed to free up more space in the garage for boatwork.

The pictures below are from yesterday and today. It shows a 8 foot by 10 foot foundation on concrete block and treated skids.

Tomorrow I’ll build the trusses, and crank out the sidewalls. Looks like the T1-11 won’t be available till Tuesday. We will see what happens. Either way there is about 8 days of dry weather forecasted. I think I can get it completed by then.

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Hatchboard bulkhead layup

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Lots done today

Here is the last bulkhead sitting up against the transom of my Paradox drying, I still have lots of work to do to finish, but I actually got more done than expected. Standing next to the bulkhead gave me a real sense of how big this thing is going to be.

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The last bulkhead

This happens to be the bulkhead that houses the drop-board of the companionway. Due to the slow drying glue I use (to make life easy on myself), I’d expect this to take a few days. It’s a fairly complex and flimsy (out of the boat) assembly so wish me luck.

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Sunday sanding

Another day of sanding, trimming and wood putty!

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Boxtop update

All bulkheads but one have been cut and glued together. I’ve started the process of cutting the side and bottom bevels on the bulkheads. Once I cut bevels, I’m doing a rough sand with a 35 grit belt and going over any pits or holes with wood putty or bondo.

The likely next steps will be to paint with sanding sealer, and more sanding. I’m not going for fancy in any way. I’m going for smooth enough to be easy to clean and no better. At some point I’ll calk inside corners and paint with a sealer/topcoat of white. If the part will be exposed, I’ll be giving multiple coats of epoxy, glass, coats of epoxy to fill and then paint.

The goal will be to have the bulkhead more or less completed before the sides get built and she goes 3D. I’ll be sealing the interior sides of the hull, and glassing the exterior too. This operation will add weight to the sides during assembly. The benefit will be the many hours saved not having to hassle with finishing wood at strange angles and in difficult spaces.

Here’s a picture of the aft inner transom that sits behind the actual transom and provides a large wet well. The inside is shown, and will get painted. The other side will be glassed before painting due to being exposed. All corners will be left bare for gluing a filleting.

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